1. My Bad

From the recording The Benefit of Doubt

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I come home and you are hairless
Not a single hair on you
That's not anormal, how'd that happen?
You've got a lot of explaining to do

You are naked and you're slippery
You're limber like a cat I had
Naked, limber lubricantly
This is looking not half-bad

What have you done with my girlfriend?
You know my heart is torn
If you've done something lethal
I need a few minutes to mourn

I love the way your skin is dark blue
I love the way you have no hair
You're much larger than I first thought
I really hope that's a tail down there

We could have children
And they'd all be light blue
And it will be fashionably
Difficult to guess their ethnicity

I'm too drunk and you're too slippery
The rum was straight, a hundred proof
Now I'm worried if you hug me
I'll just squirt right through the roof

Now I see, it's clear to me
That this is not even my house
That's my bad, I'm leaving now
That's my bad
I'm sorry, sir, I'm leaving now
But that blue Mexican wrestling costume
It just threw me off, you know, right in the beginning
But it's all on me
It's my bad, leaving now