1. Circus

From the recording The Benefit of Doubt

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When I was in the circus, I was shot from a cannon
I wore a little helmet, so I was okay
The lady on the trapeze, she was an urge without mercy
But she was married to the Strong Man, so I just stayed away

I wore a little helmet, we should all wear helmets
Too many dogs chewing on the same bone
There are clowns in the rafter, so little here after
The circus leaves town and we're on our own

Tony was a grifter, he would take your money
You would swear the game was fair, but Tony had a pair
Of hands you could not see
Wendy was a bender, she was the Strong Man's sister
She could bend over backwards
Put her face next to her knee

Now that's an urge without mercy, Tony should have known better
But he bet his future with a role of the dice
He should have worn a helmet, we should all wear helmets
Keep your urge to yourself, was Wendy's advice

We're still looking for Tony
We've been looking, like, a year
We all pretend, just around the bend
Tony might appear

What do we really know?
What did we really see?
Was that really even Tony
Caught like a kite in a tree?
What if I had made that climb?
Climbed that tree so high
Would I have found a squirrel's nest?
Or maybe Tony not at his best?

God, I love the circus!
Where Jake runs the Big Steel
Eight arms of whirlin', twirlin', hurlin' the girls
To get the big squeal

Now Jake, Steel Jake
He's a hard man
He's got that face like a deadpan
And Jake was Tony's friend
So you can depend
On Steel Jake having a plan

Now I was shot from a cannon
But if you're shot by a cannon
Your helmet won't help
You make a little yelp, auuahh
And you're done

I learned that from the Strong Man
He never saw it comin'
But that's the nature of a well-planned con
It's a dangerous world and accidents will happen
Strong men fall and the show goes on

God, I love the circus!
Always wear your helmet
It's not always going to matter