1. Brothers

From the recording The Benefit of Doubt

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We're just brothers getting in each other's way
Like pawns in a game we never learned how to play
You've been away in prison for assault
Ten years and you think it's my fault
I'm just sorry it had to be that way

I shot you for smoking in my car
Then you shot me, I don't see a crime so far
But the police, they always see the worst
I might've got confused about who shot first
I'm just sorry it had to be that way

I assumed you'd get probation
(Nobody explained that process to me)
I didn't know you'd be gone so long
(The law is so peculiar)
I can understand, the way I played my hand
To the untrained eye, I was wrong to lie

Now you're here, we're standing face to face
I'm thinking live let live and how'd you find my place
I can see you're pretty upset
I can see you haven't killed me yet
I just have a final thing to say

You should be thinking about our mother
She's in heaven now, she's sad as she can be
She's counting on you brother
She's given up on me
'Cause there's nobody there she knows
She's been looking all around
You are her final prayer to finally get some family there

'Cause you know daddy went to hell
Uncle Joe went to hell
Unfortunately, we both know our sister's there as well
So stop thinking about just yourself
Don't make Mama cry

I see a litter tear running down your face
I'll just go in the other room right here
You know, I'll fetch you a tissue
You just stay right here
I'll be right back