1. Blame Bill

From the recording The Benefit of Doubt

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This would be less awkward if I knew your name
Forgiveness is hard to offer until you know who to blame
I thought I'd feel completely different
But I'm mostly the same
This would be less awkward if I knew your name

There's a man on the floor
He's lying very still
The little plastic badge on his shirt
Says his name is Bill

So, let's blame Bill
For whatever happened here
If you just untie my hands
We've got time to grab a beer
Let's blame Bill
He's looking pretty dead
And I'm sure you have a story
How this thong got on my head

I'd like to get to know you better
You seem very sweet
But first we've gotta get these ropes
Off my hands and my feet

So concentrate, focus
Yes, there are knots in these ropes
Concentrate, focus
Oh my

I'm in a room with a psycho girl with ADD
If you weren't here, I'd swear it could happen just to me
What are the odds of a psycho girl with ADD
Standing between you and being free?

I blame Bill, I don't think he'll mind
His face is gettin' tight with the rigor of time
I blame Bill, I know it's impolite
But aside from being dead, I think he's feeling alright

Let's blame Bill
Let's blame Bill